And They’re Off

BCP News   •   June 14, 2017

BCP have moved to Unit DX, the first science incubator in Central Bristol and the focal point for scientific innovation in the city. Unit DX provide the infrastructure for scientific research and product development for science start-ups, SMEs and industrial teams. Open plan offices enable collaboration between a variety of emerging companies and their flexible category 2 laboratory arrangement host a growing number of scientific companies and innovative teams.

Here, we are working to bridge the gap between academia and industry through Innovation Consulting and Entrepreneurial Training. Our Innovation Consulting project matches research and development requirements with academic consultants who possess specialist scientific skill sets and are trained in the entrepreneurial process. Our Entrepreneurial Training courses develop the required skills for scientists looking to found a scientific venture. We are looking forward to our pilot scheme, the Scientific Entrepreneur Experience, which will be hosted at Unit DX later this year.

Unit DX provides the infrastructure and we provide incubation support for both resident and external teams. Unit DX and BCP are working together to drive science forward and increase the number of scientific companies and opportunities in the South West.

To learn more about Unit DX or to get in contact with them visit: www.unitdx.xom

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